New collaboration is designed to maximize the success of ISPO exhibitors

Laptop screen of TMALL

We are constantly working on new solutions that will accelerate the business of our exhibitors. Therefore, at ISPO SHANGHAI 2017, we joined forces with Tmall – one of the largest business-to-consumer online retail websites in China – to offer our exhibitors new marketing and sales opportunities.

ISPO live-streamed the trade show directly to the homepage of the popular website Experts, VIPs and influential personalities presented the livestream and discussed the latest sport trends, product developments and highlights from ISPO SHANGHAI. Live broadcasts during ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BEIJING in early 2017 have already proved that this format is very popular and reaches an audience of millions. For example the first edition of a Tmall livestream during ISPO MUNICH 2017 collected more than 3,82 million "likes" and 42,000 comments - in just two hours.

Brands and companies could also participate in the broadcast. This was an excellent way to present their products directly to hundreds of thousands of Chinese consumers and to talk about the advantages of their offers. The livestream was not only a new and unusual marketing opportunity - it was also your opportunity to boost product sales on Tmall. With just one click livestream viewers could purchase the products they see on their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Brands like BUFF, Trespass, Yvette, Skins etc were part of the livestream.


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