"I am participating in ISPO for the second time. This year, we can see more sports segments as compared to before. Apart from traditional outdoor products, there are sports fashion and fitness products. I am fond of this arrangement, because the outdoor concept is really made up of different sports and different fan groups. I think integration is definitely the key to the market of the future."
Mr Jun Kai
Director, Alibaba Group

"We believe that ISPO is the most influential sports trade show in China. We can see how much ISPO SHANGHAI has invested in the water sports segment this year, based on its “beyond outdoor” concept. Ranging from the OPEN DEMO DAY to the indoor pool, ISPO SHANGHAI can offer real experiences to consumers, retailers and outdoor fans. We are also very happy to find more international water sports brands and visitors at the exhibition. Next year we will certainly participate again."
Ms Amy Xu
Project Manager of Shanghai Easigo Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd

"ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 seems to have even improved as compared to last year. The insider water pool is very great for us, and it is almost the best pool I have ever seen in the world at shows. The OPEN DEMO DAY’s location is much more accessible for people who wish to get onto the water. And everything is organized very well this year; it will give me great pleasure to come back next year."
Mr Nigel Foster
top Kayaker & Kayak Designer

"LP has recently extended its product line to include functional compression clothes, so we would like to choose an important event such as ISPO SHANGHAI to communicate LP’s plan for the next year to our customers. Judging from the visitor flow of ISPO SHANGHAI 2016, it is clear that the sports market is growing. At the Fitness and Running Forum, I can see that all sports fans have gained a lot."
Ms Julie Yang
Brand Develop Director of LP Support

"Millet has chosen ISPO SHANGHAI as a platform for our first appearance in China, because we believe that ISPO SHANGHAI is not only the right place to promote our brand, but also a platform where we can be in direct contact with retailers onsite and consumers online. Moreover, the sports and “beyond outdoor” concept of ISPO SHANGHAI is a very close match to our brand philosophy. So we hope that, through such a comprehensive platform, Millet can send our message of creating needs for sports."
Mr Yun Li
General Manager of Millet China

"By taking advantage of ISPO SHANGHAI and the regional superiority, the greatest achievement we have gained is to make our brand and products, including sports, fitness, airport, high-speed rail, giveaways and general merchandise, known to a greater number of channel dealers and companies. ISPO SHANGHAI can help us multiply our development efforts. "
Mr Barry Lin
Sales Director of Sea to Summit, China; On behalf of Sea to Summit, CamelBak, Smartwool

"This is our first time to ISPO here in Shanghai, and it’s way bigger than I expected. There are so many people here; I can’t believe how successful it is. ISPO MUNICH is so important for the European market and obviously, when we make a big plan in China, then we need to come to the event, we found ISPO SHANGHAI will be the wonderful opportunity to show. And I love the opportunity to come to ISPO SHANGHAI next year, and it will also be great if we can have a bigger booth."
Mr Jaimie Fuller
Executive Chairman of Skins

"We have participated in each ISPO in recent years. It offers a very good platform to communicate with our friends in the industry and with the consumers. ISPO SHANGHAI is improving each year, so we are planning to exhibit at every ISPO in the future to meet more friends. We also hope ISPO can introduce more innovative, high-tech brands into China, so as to facilitate a “Sports lifestyle” among the Chinese consumers."
Mr Xiaotong Wang
General Manager of Your Sports; On behalf of Boreas, Button and Oakley

"Actually we are so happy to be here, we participate in all ISPO trade shows, in MUNICH, BEIJING, SHANGHAI, and also in the Tokyo ISPO ACADEMY. We enjoy all the ISPO shows very much, and we are very happy to bring our China team into ISPO SHANGHAI."
Mr Michael Dittmer
Director Eastern Europe & Russia of YKK EUROPE LTD.



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